SPITI Circuit Cycling Expedition

SPITI Circuit Cycling Expedition

11 Days & 10 Nights

693 km

Spiti valley


Tour Overview

Dare2Gear is back to redefine adventure with a perfect fusion of landscapes, flora and fauna will excite the nature lover in you. We are pleased to add one more adventure to your kitty by presenting the “Spiti cycling expedition” in the mountains.

And Cycling is the perfect way to appreciate the majesty of the landscape at a gentle pace, to get close to the environment and feel the culture of this place. All this wonder, packed in one expedition is something you will carry with you throughout your life.

We bet you will not want to close your eyes even for a second because it is a blink-and-you-miss landscape! Get ready to have a bold experience in the valley of Spiti with Dare2Gear.


Day 1: Arrive in Shimla | Introduction & Trip Brief | Stay: Hotel Stay

Once you reach ISBT shimla, pickup will come to pick you up and drop to hotel if transportation services taken from Dare2Gear for shimla.

After reaching hoel, you meet up and acquainted with other fellow riders. You can rest for a while. Then, we will have delicious lunch.

In the evening, the Dare2Gear team will brief you on things to keep in mind for the next eleven days of the cycling expedition. We will retire early and give our bodies a complete rest before the start of this cycling expedition.

Day2: Shimla to Narkanda | 67 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch at Theog | Altitude: 2708 Meters

It’s your first day of cycling. Get up early, have some fresh air. We will start the day with some healthy & delicious breakfast and then set off on your cycles to Narkhanda.

Get ready to begin this memorable cycling expedition. The landscape will give you a feel like it is designed specifically for an adventure-seeking cyclist. While riding through the Himalayan Range, this beautiful road will leads us to today’s destination, a beautiful town named Narkanda. It is among India’s oldest ski destinations with the undulating beauty of nature.

Day3: Narkhanda to Badhal | 95 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch at Rampur | Altitude: 2086 Meters

Today is going to be an easy day. Get ready to experience downhill ride from Narkhanda to Badhal. With an easy start, you will experience uphill riding after covering almost half of the route.

Day 4: Badhal to Spillo | 97 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch at Tapri | Altitude: 2320 Meters

Same as Yesterday, today is  also going to be an easy day. You will experience downhill ride in most of the region. This will amke your ride pleasant and you will experience uphill in some parts of the route.

Day5: Spillo to Nako | 63 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch at Pooh | Altitude: 3625 Meters

After having an early morning bite, we gradually ascend towards Nako,which is located in Indo-China border in the Trans-Himalayan region.  It is famous for an oval shape lake surrounded with mountains which makes it a picturesque location. Get ready to experience this scenic beauty from the saddle of your bike.

Day6: Nako to Tabo | 62 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch Point: Hurling | Altitude 3050 Meter

Brace yourself up, for today’s adventurous and challenging ride. Today’s destination is Tabo, which is a another popular tourist destination located in the Spiti Valley. This route offers picturesque views to riders.

Famous attractions like ancient monasteries, temples of the Enlightened Gods, the Golden Temple and the Mystic Mandala Temple are worth witnessing. Get ready to encounter the brown hills standing over the roads to reach today’s destination Tabo.

Day7: Tabo to Pangmo | 76 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch Point: Kaza | Altitude: 1189 Meters

Today we are going to ride a distance of 76 km. We will explore the quaint village of your journey called Pangmo. It offers spectacular views of the Spiti River and the valley. It is Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and scaling mountains on all sides, this village is yet untainted by tourists.

Day 8: Pangmo to Chandrataal | 68 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch Point: Lossar | Altitude: 4250 Meters

Today’s destination is Chandrataal also known as “Tso Chigma”. According to Hindu mythology, Chandratal is the place where Indra, the King of Gods, came down on his chariot to transport Yudhishthira, eldest of the five Pandavas, in his mortal form to Swarga (heaven).

This route offers an off riding track, so gear up yourself for some challenging and new experiences. Chandertaal Lake is a treat for all adventure enthusiast as it is full of gigantic Himalayan Mountains, valleys, undiscovered monasteries, etc.

Day 9: Chandrataal to Sissu | 81 km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch Point: Chatru | Altitude: 3130 Meters

After an early breakfast, we leave for today’s destination Sissu.(a small town in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh). It is famous for its all season charm and all-around sun-kissed Himalayan mountain range.

In this 81km ride you are going to have life time experience and can feel beautiful Autumn Vibes. Once you reach hotel, get fresh and have a hot served dinner. Post dinner, you can retire to your cozy bed for a sound sleep to face the challenges of the next day.

Day 10: Sissu to Manali | 84 Km

Stay: Hotel | Lunch Point: Marhi | Altitude: 2050 Meters

Today is the last riding day of this expedition and we are going to travel to one of the most popular destinations of India-Manali. This place is classic blend of peace and beauty which makes it a heaven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, especially who want to get off the main tourist trails and experience nature up close.

Get ready to witness beautiful landscapes that will leave you awestruck. You can explore the locals and enjoy the culture of Manali Region.

In the evening, we will be waiting for you at the hotel to start with the trophy distribution ceremony. We will have some tea and snacks. You can relax and can share the experiences/learning, which you’ve witnessed in Spiti circuit cycling expedition. Post dinner, you can retire in your cozy beds for a sound sleep to gear up for the return journey.


What things should I carry for this expedition?

  • Mask & Sanitizer
  • A biking helmet
  • 2 pair of cycling gloves preferable one warm
  • 2 pairs of cycling shoes (in case one gets wet)
  • 2 Cycle Tubes
  • Few pairs of socks preferably a few warm ones well
  • High resistance waterproof jacket and bottoms
  • Sunglasses or eyewear for the Day and Night riding
  • At least 5-6 pair of good fit cycling shorts/lower
  • At least 5-6 pair of good fit cycling jersey
  • Shirt/T-shirt with long sleeves & 2-3 wool T-shirts
  • Traveling pants & Light fleece top
  • Thermal tops and Thermal long pants
  • Slippers to wear around camp/Hotels- Skin Moisturisers
  • Torch/Flashlight (with spare batteries)
  • Mini tool kit
  • Cycling lights (front/tail)
  • Personal medications and Toiletries
  • Personal Id’s
  • Some cash for Shopping/Emergency
  • Sipper
  • Wire Extension
  • Full Raincoat
  • 1 mini backpack for riding

How to practice for elevations and low oxygen levels?

As this route is a low oxygen terrain you need to train well, and for practice close to that environment wear low oxygen training masks. These masks have an adjustment switch using which you can use to reduce or increase the oxygen flow into the mask.”

how to acclimatise on high altitudes during this ride?

The best way is to keep yourself hydrated and go at an easy pace. As this expedition is to experience nature closer so rushing to complete your ride of the day sooner may turn you into a tired state. Then the recovery period of everybody is different so you need to understand your body really well info sure then advise is to go easy and steady and keep drinking a sip of water every 2-3 km.

Which medications do you need to keep with you during this expedition for acclimatization?

DIAMOX is the medicine that is popularly used for acclimatization. At the same time, there is a natural way also to get similar effects by keeping garlic in your mouth or having the sip of garlic syrup that we prepare for riders.

DIAMOX is the medicine that is popularly used for acclimatization. At the same time, there is a natural way also to get similar effects by keeping garlic in your mouth or having the sip of garlic syrup that we prepare for riders.

Our team carries a 15kg oxygen cylinder and oxygen supply mask which are used in hospitals. To give immediate first aid support and then depending upon his/her state shall be transferred to nearby army base hospitals that are there on route if needed.”

What exercises should be done to improve our lung capacity?

To improve your lung’s breathing capacity practice deep inhaling hold for a few seconds and then slowly exhaling. Do this exercise initially while walking, then gradually make the walk to jog and then slow running. It will take approx 1-2 months to deliver the expected results.

I am under 18. Can I join this cycling expedition?

Yes, you can also join the ride with the consent of your parents. Based on your previous records of cycling, we will finalize whether you can join the cycling tour or not.

Do you provide a cycle on Rent? What will all be provided along with it?

Yes, we do provide cycles on Rent. Please contact us on our official number +91-9999412886, we shall be providing a cycle along with the helmet. Rest all the accessories you have to bring on your own and accessories are not available for Rent.

What all things cover the Travel Insurance?

  • Hospitalization expenses for injuries – INR 2,00,000
  • Medical Evacuation- INR 2,00,000
  • Personal Accident(Death and Disability)- INR 1,00,000
  • Repartition of Remains Extension- INR 20,000
  • Outpatient Expenses for injuries/illness- INR 7,500
  • Checked In- Baggage Loss- INR 7,500
  • Checked In- Baggage Delay- INR 2,500
  • Missed Connections- INR 7,500
  • Compassionate Visit- INR 15,000
  • Trip Cancellations- INR 10,000
  • Trip Interruption- INR 10,000
  • Trip Delay- INR 10,000

Please Note: This plan covers all the activities listed under Level 3 up to 6000mts. This plan covers all types of accidents and illnesses during the event. Covid-19 related claims are covered under Hospitalisation expenses.

Age Limit- 1-70 years

What support will be provided to you?

  • – Technical support
  • – Mechanical support
  • – Hydration support
  • – Medical(First Aid) support
  • – Luggage Carrying support
  • – Nutrition support (Energy bars, Fruit cakes, Chips, Dates, Electrolytes Tabs, Energy gels, Biscuits)

I need to know in detail about your anti-COVID-19 Policies/guidelines for travel?

We follow everything that can possibly decrease your chances of contracting coronavirus. Guidelines are as follows

1. Here are some essential items that you must carry while traveling like Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Gloves, etc.

2. As we will stay in hotels, it is advisory to carry your own toiletry kit. This way you can maintain proper hygiene by using your own products. Also, you can keep yourself safe by using your personal towels.

3. To keep the locals safe, it is advisable that riders should maintain distance from the locals.



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