Delhi Mumbai Odyssey

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08 Days & 07 Nights

1511 km




Tour Overview

Bicycling is no more just an occasional ride to stay fit. Cycling tours in India serve as an efficient and fun way to explore different regions of the country. So, if you are a cycling enthusiast and want to make the most of it from the saddle of your cycle, congrats! You are at the right place.

In order to make this Odyssey more challenging and amusing, we tried to add exotic and scenic routes, from riding on flyovers to small lanes, Smooth & easy routes to gravel & Challenging roads, exploring plains to mountains regions, and much more. Get ready to witness the unique combination of heritage, metro life, and luxury in a single cycling expedition. This cycling expedition area is so diverse that there is something for everyone.

We will start this journey from the India Gate, Delhi, the capital city of India, then transverse through the pink city of India, Jaipur. Pedaling across the astonishing architectural buildings and the royalty of Rajasthan, then we will head towards Bundi, which is famous for its monuments and forts. After exploring Bundi, Our next destination will be Udaipur also known as the “City of Lakes”, which is famous for its ancient architectural places. After exploring the royalty of Rajasthan, we will move towards Godhra and then to Navsari which lies in Gujarat. Then, we will head towards one of the most popular tourist states of India, Maharashtra. Firstly, we will explore Vasai-Virar city. After exploring Vasai-Virar, we will ride towards the final destination of this expedition, Mumbai, which is also the capital city of Maharashtra.


Day 1 : Delhi - Jaipur | 259 km | 5:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Fern Residency (4 star)
Reporting Time: 5:00 AM
Flag-off Time: 6:00 AM
Lunch-Point: King Highway Restaurant

On this day you are supposed to report at 5:00 AM at INDIA GATE. Here, the bike check will be done. You will be introduced to the on-ground team that will be giving you hydration, technical and mechanical support during the entire event. Our Motorbike Marshals will make sure that each and every rider’s journey is comfortable and glitch-free. Support Vehicles are available if a rider gets tired and wants some rest.

On route, you will get breakfast after a 40 km ride from the start point. Today’s lunch point is at King Highway Restaurant which is 150km away from our start point. Our first pit point will be 40 km from India Gate where you will get nutrition support. Then post 20 km breakfast boxes shall be provided to each participant to consume more carbs and proteins for energy to ride. Then after every 30 km, our nutrition support vehicle will be there to provide you with energy support.

The final destination for the day will be after 259 km; once you reach the destination, a welcome drink shall be served. Rooms will be allotted to each participant. You guys have rest, get fresh, and then can re-gather for dinner. Post that, we shall leave for the sound and recovery sleep for the next day’s ride.

Day 2 :Jaipur - Bundi | 214 km | 7:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Ishwari Niwas (3 Star)
Flag-off Time: 7:00 AM

Brace yourself up as today we are going to cover 214km. While riding on the smooth National highway, Today’s route will lead us to Bundi, a town in Rajasthan. Bundi is nestled in the cleft of the Aravali hills and has a special medieval flavour quite untouched by time.

Get ready and have a healthy & delicious breakfast. The ride will start from the hotel itself. Today’s lunch point is 100km away from our start point. Relax and get ready to cover the rest of the journey. Once you reach the hotel, a welcome drink will be served. You can freshen up and get ready for dinner. Get yourselves and your cycles some rest.

Day 3 : Bundi - Udaipur | 258 km | 7:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Valley View Resort (4 Star Hotel)
Flag-off Time: 7:00 AM

Today is the third day of the Delhi-Mumbai Odyssey and we are going to head towards the City of Lakes i.e. Udaipur (the beautiful capital of Mewar, Rajasthan). Massive palaces, ancient forts, beautiful lakes, lush green gardens, and age-old temples are renowned destinations of Udaipur.

The ride will start at 7:00 AM from the hotel itself. Hop on your bikes and get ready to start the day. Today’s lunch point is 130 km away from our start point. Once you reach the hotel, a welcome drink shall be served. Rooms will be allotted to each participant. You guys can have a rest, get fresh, and then can re-gather for dinner. Post that, we shall leave for the sound and recovery sleep for the next day’s ride.

Day 4: Udaipur – Modasa | 167 km | 10:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Hotel Maryland (3-Star Hotel)
Flag-off Time: 10:00 AM

By Today’s evening, we will close the Rajasthan chapter and will be entering the Land of Vegetarians, Gujrat, which is famous for its colourful festivals, rich heritage, and scrumptious cuisine.

Wake up early and get a healthy /nutritious breakfast. The ride will start from the hotel itself. We will flag off today’s ride at 10:00 AM. Today’s lunch point is 70 km away from our starting point. Once you reach the hotel, a welcome drink shall be served. Rooms will be allotted to each participant. You guys can have a rest, get fresh, and then can re-gather for dinner. Post that, we shall leave for sound and recovery sleep for the next day’s ride.

Day 5: Modasa - Vadodra | 184 km | 7:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Four Points by Shereton (4 Star Hotel)
Flag-off Time: 7:00 AM

By this day, you already have a lot of learning. Get up and enjoy the beautiful morning with your co-riders. Get ready, have a healthy & delicious breakfast and get on your saddle. Today we will head towards the Vadodara, which is another beautiful city in Gujrat.

After riding 100 km, we will take a lunch break. Get some rest. Hydrate yourselves, take the seat on your saddle, and get ready to cover the remaining distance of the day. Once you reach the hotel, a welcome drink shall be served. Rooms will be allotted to each participant. You guys can have a rest, get fresh, and then can re-gather for dinner. Post that, we shall leave for the sound and recovery sleep for the next day’s ride.

Day 6: Vadodra - Vapi | 235 km |7:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Hotel Regenta (4 Star Hotel)
Flag-off Time: 7:00 AM

We are almost at the end of the Delhi-Mumbai Odyssey. Wake up early and get some healthy/nutritious full breakfast. Today, The ride will start from the hotel itself and by today’s evening we will reach our destination of the day “Vapi”. Today’s lunch point is 110km away from the starting point. Once you reach the hotel, a welcome drink shall be served. Rooms will be allotted to each participant. You guys can have a rest, get fresh, and then can re-gather for dinner. Post that, we shall leave for the sound and recovery sleep for the next day’s ride.

Day 7: Vapi to Mumbai |194 km |7:00 AM

Hotel Stay: Hotel Ambassador (4 Star Hotel)
Flag-off Time: 7:00 AM

Today is the last day of our expedition. Wake up early by 5:30 AM, get fresh, pack your bags, test your cycles, and enjoy your breakfast. Post breakfast, we will leave for the day at 7:00 AM. we will close the Gujarat chapter and will be entering one of the most popular tourist states of India, Maharashtra. We will head towards the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, which will end on the Gateway of India, which is the city’s top tourist attraction.

There are a lot of cityscape views that you can enjoy once you reach the endpoint. There are several attractions in Mumbai that will leave you awestruck. You can explore the locals and enjoy the different locations of Mumbai.

At 4:00 PM, we will be waiting for you at the hotel to start with the trophy distribution ceremony. We will have some tea and snacks. You can relax and can share the experiences/learning, which you’ve witnessed in Delhi-Mumbai Odyssey. Post dinner, you can retire in your cozy beds for a sound sleep to gear up for the return journey.

Day 8: Mumbai - Delhi (Return Journey)

Our Mumbai-Delhi Expedition has come to an end. Wake up with Pride, and have some breakfast. Today we will leave for our sweet homes with lots of memories and a sense of achievement with us. We have kept this day free so that depending upon your availability; you can plan your trip extension or return back home.

Add On(s)

Cycle On Rent (Road bike) = 13,999  

Sometimes people don’t want to get in the hassle of getting their own cycle from their respective location, or sometimes they don’t have the right type of bike as needed for ride so people opt for this option. The cycles you will get will be well serviced and maintained.

Single Stay = 22,450

Some participants look for a single stay and don’t want to share the rooms as their personal comfort choice, to meet their requirement this service is being offered by default tour is designed keeping stay on double sharing.

Cycle Transportation (Mumbai to Delhi) = 2,999

As taking the cycle along if you are not travelling in your personal car sometimes becomes a big task due to space management. So to make it easy and hassle free service we offer to our riders.


Which type of cycles are allowed in this ride?

As this ride is designed to test  your endurance so any type of bicycle is allowed. So bike on which you are most comfortable and has done long distance practice is advised to ride on.

Do you provide cycle on rent, if yes then which bike you provide?

Yes, we do provide cycles on Rent. We have premium brand bike Merida & Polygon road bikes available for rent.

Will I get the cycle according to my height for this ride?

As we have multiple cycle to offer on rent for all sizes ranging from S to XL, so you will get the cycle of right frame size for your ride.

What is included in the cost of cycle rental?

We give only cycle to ride all other mandatory items and accessories you want on cycle you have to bring yourself.

I have taken a cycle on rent if any damage happens who will bear the cost?

Any kind of damage happens to cycle during the ride shall be taken care by rider himself / herself. So treat it like your own property and handle with care.

I have taken a cycle on rent When will I get and where?

You will get the cycle on rent at the start of ride at starting point. If you want to have bike prior you can come and collect a day before ride starts from our Noida showroom.

What Things do I need to Carry?

Things to Carry
– Helmet (Mandatory)
– Front Headlight (Mandatory)
– Tail Light (Mandatory)
– Reflective Vest/ Tape (Mandatory)
– Water Bottle/Sipper (Mandatory)
– Cycling gloves (Mandatory)

Necessary Items
– 1 Small Backpack
– 6 Jersey’s
– 3 Shorts
– 1 Sweatshirt
– 2 lower/ Track pant
– 3 T-shirts
– 1 Jeans
– 1 Sleeper
– 2 pairs of cycling shoes (in case one gets wet due to rain and water on the way)
– 3 pair of socks
– Sunglasses or eye wear for the day and riding in a dark time.
– 1 Raincoat / Windcheater
– Extra batteries or charger for Cycling lights
– Mini tool kit
– 2 Cycle Tubes
– Personal Toiletries
– Any medicine if you are taking

NOTE: Your bag should not be weighing more than 10 kgs. Else INR 100 will be charged Per KG for carrying your luggage.

Do you have any Minimum Speed Criteria for this Ride?

Yes, as it is a long endurance ride so recovery for rest day is important. To cover the maximum ride on saddle each rider has to maintain minim average pace of 22km/hr. If you will not be able to manage this pace, no need to worry our support team will be there to pick you from Point A to Point B and you can again continue your ride from there.

Do you I have to submit any medical fitness certificate for this Ride?

Yes, for all our MERAKI Rides we need a self-declaration about your medical health state from every participant. To download the medical form please click on below shared link Personal Medial Record Form.

I have already accepted the terms and conditions do I still need to fill the waiver form?

We understand at the time of registration you have accepted the terms and condition. But there is probability that due to short of time may any of the important information may got skipped to read so a hard copy of signed document is must. To download the Waiver form please click on below shared link Waiver Form.

Can I submit the digital signed copy of Forms asked for the ride?

Yes, we accept digital signed copies also for that you need to coordinate with tour leader who will be assigned to you post your registration done.

I am under 18 can I also join the ride?

Yes, you can also join the ride with the consent of your parents. You have to get a disclaimer form signed by your parents and submit it before the ride with us.

If I forgot to bring any of the mandatory things you have mentioned, will I be allowed to ride?

No, without any of the mandatory things as mentioned above you are not allowed to ride. So either bring them along or can purchase from us.

Will medical support is also there for riders?

Yes FIRST-AID shall be provided immediately to the rider as and when needed. If in case any critical emergency rider needs to visit the hospital that shall be taken care of by us. But the expense of the hospital shall be taken care of by rider only.

Does tour cost cover our medical insurance also?

No, tour cost doesn’t include your medical insurance.

What are the safety rules for this Tour?

1) It is compulsory to wear a helmet for the entire duration of the ride. Riders without a helmet will not be permitted to ride.

2) Every rider must use their own lights for riding in dark times, bicycles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional. If lights will not be working you are not allowed to ride.

3) All riders must wear a reflective vest that clearly places reflective material prominently on the front and back of the rider. If you will not be wearing reflective vests you are not allowed to ride.

4) This ride is open to any amateur cyclist regardless of his or her cycling affiliations. Riders (under the age of 18) must get a consent form signed by his or her parent or legal guardian

5) Each rider must be covered by liability insurance, either by a group policy or by a personal policy.

6) Our Sikh brothers – We have RELAXED THE MANDATORY HELMET RULE for Sikh Riders. But the rider must either wear a full Turban and not just a Patka.

I need to know in detail about your anti-COVID-19 Policies/guidelines for the travel?

We follow everything that can possibly decrease your chances of contracting corona virus. Guidelines are as follows:

1. Here are some essential items that you must carry while traveling
* Face Masks
* Hand Sanitizers

2. As we will stay in hotels, It is advisory to carry your own toiletry kit. This way you can maintain proper hygiene by using your own products. Also, you can keep yourself safe by using your personal towels.

3. To keep the locals safe, it is advisable that travelers should maintain distance with the locals.

Do I need to carry any Covid Test Report?

With  at present govt policies updates no,  if in future any change of policy happen we shall update you and then accordingly actions has to be taken by you.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Please check below shared link


6 reviews for Delhi Mumbai Odyssey

  1. Aditya

    I did 7 days of cycling Odyssey from Delhi to Mumbai. It was a great adventure experience for me . This was very well organised and supported by D2G organisers. I strongly recommend all cyclists looking for fun and adventure .plz go for it!!

  2. Anubha Verma

    Never in my wildest dreams did l ever think l would cycle 1500+ km from
    India Gate to Gateway of India in 6.5 days! What seemed like a herculean
    task turned into a very memorable
    experience… and all because of the support provided by D2G team. Tarun and his team (Abhijeet, Guru, Taniya, Akshat) were phenomenal and left no
    stone unturned to provide help and support at every step of the way!

    I can’t wait for many more adventurous cycling tours with D2G! ❤️

  3. Anupama

    Delhi to Mumbai cycling ride was a lifetime achievement. We can’t imagine riding every day for 10-12 hrs on the highway, this could be achieved with the support team of D2G. They took care of us in the best way. If given a chance I would love to go again with them for this trip.👍👍

  4. Ajay Shukla

    How those 8 days passed while just paddling with full fun & excitement. Very well managed & organised by Tarun & team. A total of 1570km in just 6 days was once in a lifetime achievement.
    If anyone wanted to complete this ride again in 2022 Dec, you definitely join believe you can do it. Not think just do it.

  5. Ramanjit Oberoi

    An excellent 7 days trip! Very well organised! Tough sometimes but they say, “ When it’s tough, the tough gets going “! Such a long ride of almost 1500 km in 6 & half days & I’ll suggest all riders try it! Dear2gear will take care of u on the way, stay & other eminent! See the plus points of the organisers & GO FOR IT!

  6. virendra shukla

    I would suggest it was such a great achievement which I never thought and was only possible due to the team support we got from D2G team kudos to them for organising the event so professionally.

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