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100 km




Tour Overview

Booster Rides is a series of rides that are designed to level up the confidence of riders for long-distance riding. As we are a team of professionals who share a common passion for cycling so understands well the need of a cyclist for achieving their long-distance milestones.

We have seen people have the physical potential to do long distances but sometimes the problems like flat tires, chain breakdown, shortness of water, riding partner availability, guidance on how to prepare for long-distance, and many more small things become big hindrances to attempting the long distance.

To overcome all technical and informational challenges we designed this program with 3 different distances 100km, 150km, and 200km to level up gradually. In this ride, you get to connect with the cycling community of like-minded people and gain knowledge about how to make your riding experience better. It may be in terms of riding posture, riding gear, bike specifications, riding techniques, etc. So people join our booster rides again & again for experience along with that they come back with more new friends to support them to achieve their dreams.

As a cyclist, we completely understand the specialty of the first 100 and our team always tries to deliver their best to make it a memorable one for you.

Things We Offer:

  1. Bisleri Water
  2. Fast & up Reload
  3. Chocolates
  4. Chips
  5. Peanuts
  6. Fruit Cakes
  7. Biscuits
  8. Jal Jeera
  9. Lassi
  10. Technical support
  11. Support to load cycle and relax if you get overtired
  12. Medical support
  13. Ride Completion Certificate
  14. Finisher Medal (If Ordered)



#Mandatory things to Carry

  • Front light
  • Taillight
  • Reflectors
  • Helmet
  • Water Bottle/Sipper
  • Gloves

🚩Start Point:
Dare2Gear Cycle World (Near Sector 76 Metro Station)

Reporting Time 04:00 am
Bike Check: Till 04:45 am
Route Briefing 04:50 am
Flag-Off Time 05:00 am

Note: Please Adhere to the timeline as we start on Time.

#Route Details
> Dare2Gear Cycle World (sector – 49)
>Sector 61 Metro – Left Turn towards 18 Flyover
> Akshadham Modh U turn
> Buddh International Circuit – U Turn
> Dare2Gear Cycle World (sector – 49)

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I want to participate in the event but I don't need Medal, Can that cost be subtracted from the event cost?

Yes, the cost for a medal can be subtracted, you can use discount code NOMEDAL. As we understand that you might be coming to support the co-riders, or you may have already done it, and don’t want to collect multiple medals for the same distance. So we respect that thought and would not want you to bear any extra cost for that.

Do you provide cycle on rent, if yes then which bike you provide?

Yes, we do provide cycles on Rent. We have Polygon Cascade 4 available for rent. To know more details about bike specifications details please visit below shared link

Will I get the cycle according to my height for this ride?

As we have multiple cycle to offer on rent for all sizes ranging from S to XL, so you will get the cycle of right frame size for your ride.

What is included in the cost of cycle rental?

We give only cycle to the rider, rest all other mandatory items and accessories you want on cycle you have to bring yourself.

I have taken a cycle on rent if any damage happens who will bear the cost?

Any kind of damage happens to cycle during the ride shall be taken care by rider himself / herself. So treat it like your own property and handle with care.

I have taken a cycle on rent When will I get and where?

You will get the cycle on rent on same day of your ride.

I have taken a cycle on rent do I have to submit any security?

Yes for this ride you have to handover the Aadhaar Card at the time of receiving bike. This shall handed over back to you at the time of returning the cycle post ride.

I am an Amateur cyclist can I register for it as I want to join this ride for an experience?

Yes, you can do that and our team will be there to make sure you get the best experience of riding. As our team is of qualified and experienced riders team so they will help you to understand how much to push the limits and when to take a back seat in support vehicle.

Do you have any Minimum Speed Criteria for this Ride?

There are no as such defined timelines to cross any checkpoints but at the same time rider should be riding at least at a pace of 18-20 km/hr. If you will not be able to manage this pace, no need to worry our support team will be there to pick you from Point A to Point B and you can again continue your ride from there.

I have already accepted the terms and conditions do I still need to fill the waiver form?

We understand at the time of registration you have accepted the terms and condition. But there is probability that due to short of time may any of the important information may got skipped to read so a hard copy of signed document is must. To download the Waiver form please click on below shared link D2G Waiver Form (3)

Can I submit the digital signed copy of Forms asked for the ride?

Yes, we accept digital signed copies also for that you need to coordinate with event leader who will be assigned to you post your registration done.

I am under 18 can I also join the ride?

Yes, you can also join the ride with the consent of your parents. You have to get a disclaimer form signed by your parents and submit it before the ride with us.

If I forgot to bring any of the mandatory things you have mentioned, will I be allowed to ride?

No, without any of the mandatory things as mentioned above you are not allowed to ride. So either bring them along or can purchase from us.

Will medical support is also there for riders?

Yes FIRST-AID shall be provided immediately to the rider as and when needed. If in case any critical emergency rider needs to visit the hospital that shall be taken care of by us. But the expense of the hospital shall be taken care of by rider only.

Does ride cost cover our medical insurance also?

No, ride cost doesn’t include your medical insurance.

What are the safety rules for this Tour?

1) It is compulsory to wear a helmet for the entire duration of the ride. Riders without a helmet will not be permitted to ride.

2) Every rider must use their own lights for riding in dark times, bicycles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional. If lights will not be working you are not allowed to ride.

3) All riders must wear a reflective vest that clearly places reflective material prominently on the front and back of the rider. If you will not be wearing reflective vests you are not allowed to ride.

4) This ride is open to any amateur cyclist regardless of his or her cycling affiliations. Riders (under the age of 18) must get a consent form signed by his or her parent or legal guardian


5) Each rider must be covered by liability insurance, either by a group policy or by a personal policy.

6) Our Sikh brothers – We have RELAXED THE MANDATORY HELMET RULE for Sikh Riders. But the rider must either wear a full Turban and not just a Patka.

I am coming by my Vehicle at start Point where can I park my Vehicle?

You can park your Vehicle in front of Dare2Gear Cycle World Store, as well as there is ample parking in sector 76 Metro station next to it. Exact location pin shall be share 2 days before the event in WhatsApp group.

I need to know in detail about your anti-COVID-19 Policies/guidelines for the travel?

We follow everything that can possibly decrease your chances of contracting corona virus. Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Here are some essential items that you must carry while traveling

* Face Masks

* Hand Sanitizers

  1. As we will stay in hotels, It is advisory to carry your own toiletry kit. This way you can maintain proper hygiene by using your own products. Also, you can keep yourself safe by using your personal towels.


  1. To keep the locals safe, it is advisable that travelers should maintain distance with the locals.

Do I need to carry any Covid Test Report?

With  at present govt policies updates no,  if in future any change of policy happen we shall update you and then accordingly actions has to be taken by you.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Please check below shared link booking and cancellation


4 reviews for Booster Ride-100km

  1. kishore sharma

    Looking for your first 100 or just wanted to add another century ride with all the care and support? Then worry not with Dare2gear you just focus on your ride! It was yet another Sunday morning we set out for century ride with D2G team and the moment you hit the D2G store they take care of everything from bike check to route briefing, taking care of your nutrition need as well.
    As we started our ride we have been instructed not to take the main highways due to speeding Vehicle and to my surprise the team were already at the point to guide the riders to take the route with less traffic and everyone remain on the pre defined route.
    As we were focused on our ride and average the support team were focused on giving their best offering water, lassi, cold drink , also taking pictures to keep the memory alive as you venture in your past.
    Finally at the end, we were provided with stretching session by the team arranged by D2G again which would help you to relax your muscles and understand your body well.
    To sum up the booster ride was fun and it becomes more enjoyable if you ride it with Dare2gear!

  2. atul

    It was a wonderful ride. Extremely well managed, Lots of energy boosters at every point in terms of eatables, Comfort level of Technical Support in the event of mechanical or puncture issue in the bike…..The ride went like a breeze.

    Thank you D2G team for so meticulously planning the rides and being with each and every rider. A very special thanks to Abhijeet who never left the tail end position of the Last Rider.

    Plan more rides D2G. We so look forward to them.

  3. Payal Sakaria

    Want to join

  4. Amit Verma


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