Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully, as they are an important part of the agreement for your adventures with Dare2Gear. All expeditions mentioned in our brochures and on our website are operated by Dare2Gear.

Dare2Gear is perpetrating not to share your personal information unnecessarily. We might need to share partial details of yours to other vendors for making arrangements of your stay or travel to make your experience better with us if needed.
We may collect the following information like your name, age, gender, address, blood group to understand you better and for internal record keeping.
During our expeditions, the pictures we click, videos we make and the other intellectual content we prepare shall be used later in our creative marketing. Unless you specifically asked us not to publish content related to you we assume the participant has given us go ahead to use the content for creative and innovative marketing ideas.
We encourage you to share your videos, pictures or blogs written by you on our platform. We give due credits before publishing this content on our public platform.

To make any bookings with us you can contact us through several ways, directly over the telephone, via email, via our website www.dare2gear.com, or through an approved travel agent.
On every domestic expedition it is mandatory to bring your government ID proof like ADHAAR CARD/PAN CARD along with you. If it is international travel then valid passport scanned copy is mandatory to submit 15 days prior from the date of journey.
The traveller making the booking (the ‘Primary Contact’) must be above 18 years old or above. And must have the legal rights and authority to make the booking and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of everyone in their group.
You might have done the booking for yourself or for a group, the person details in primary contact will be considered for further communications related to the expedition. We consider primary contact is responsible for ensuring the information shared while booking a expedition with is correct.
No unaccompanied minors (those under 18 years of age) can be accepted however minors aged below 17 years may accompany their parent or guardian who accepts full responsibility for them. Or deposit a signed consent form signed by their parents/guardian for approving to allow them to join our expedition.
If you have booked an expedition through travel agent then, that travel agent only shall entertain the communication/changes/enquiries in respect to that booking.
Your safety is immensely important to us, so to help us to serve you better and make your experience more rich please share if you need any special care or medication. It will help us to arrange things well in advance to avoid getting into any pedantic state.
The bookings where you have made with just partial amount to confirm your seat in that case confirmation amount is non-refundable. The balance amount you are expected to clear 30 days or earlier from the date of expedition commencement for 5 or lesser day’s expeditions.
The bookings where you have made with just partial amount to confirm your seat in that case confirmation amount is non-refundable. The balance amount you are expected to clear 60 days or earlier from the date of expedition commencement for 6 or more day’s expeditions.
If balance payment is not made in time then Dare2Gear shall considered this booking as cancelled and no refund will be offered. Future expedition wallet credits can be offered against the deposited amount on the basis of cancellation policy if requested by you.

The cancellation and refund process is automated on our website as per below defined policy. You log into website and visit expedition booking details section to proceed for cancellation.
Applicable for an expedition of 5 or lesser days

Days to Departure Cash Refund* Future Expedition Credit*
More than 90 days 90% 100%
89-60 days 75% 90%
59-30 days 50% 75%
29-10 days 25% 50%
15-2 days No Refund 25%

More than 90 days 90% 100%
 89-60 days 75% 90%
 59-30 days 50% 75%
 29-10 days 25% 50%
15-2 days No Refund 25%

Applicable for an expedition of 6 or more days

More than 120 days 90% 100%
91-120 days 75% 90%
 61-90 days 50% 75%
 31-60 days 25% 50%
30-2 days No Refund 25%

  • For future expedition credits, reservations must be made within one calendar year of the original date of departure or funds are forfeit. Refunds will not be issued after a future expedition credit has been chosen. All refunds will be processed on the amount excluding GST charges.
  • 48 hours before expedition commencement no cancellation shall be entertained.
  • Your ticket is transferable in only case when you have made 100% payment for the expedition. We completely understand due to last minute urgency you are unable to join us for this expedition. In this case you have to inform us 48 hours or prior from the expedition commencement and must have confirmed participant to join tour in same batch.
  • It will take 7-10 business days to cash refund the amount from the date of request raised.


  • As our expeditions are live long before the expedition commencement day so Dare2Gear holds complete rights to take pertinent decisions for last minute cancellation or change of planned things because of serendipitous scenarios. There are many situations those are beyond our control like abrupt weather changes, unforeseen landslides, heavy road blocking snowfall, civil wars, airport sealing, act of God or any adverse state, which is a giant hindrance in execution of expedition.
  • In this scenario participant will be having the right to take the call to opt for same range any other expedition or 100% refund in form of future credits with a validity of 1 year from the date of issue.
  • The refund would always be in the form of future credit points and no cash shall be credited to your account.
  • If during the event change of plans call has to be taken post the commencement of the expedition because of inevitable scenarios in that case no refund shall be given to any of the participants.


  • While our first aid expert’s team will be with you on expedition, but sometimes there might be a situation where emergency evacuation support has to be provided. In that case the expenses, which will be done for, that is to be paid by participant. We would take all necessary actions to take you to nearest hospital for immediate treatment to bring situation under control.
  • In case of any delays happens on returning from a expedition due to any natural calamities or inevitable challenges the extra cost you shall pay for stay or transportation or any other.
  • If we found you misbehaving or offending others, we have the authority to end your expedition there itself and drop you out without having any liability towards you for any cost. Especially when visiting any religious place it’s your responsibility to respect their customs and laws.
  • On any of our expedition it is necessary to abide the instruction given by your expedition leader, who represents the Company. If you fail to follow them and your actions is disruptive, threatening, abusive and causing inconvenience on expedition to leader. We will immediately revoke your travel with us. The leader call will be considered as final and no refunds shall be paid to you.
  • During the stay taking care of your room stuff placed by property owner or provided by us is your responsibility to take care off. If you fail to do so the expenses occurred to fix the damage done by you is to be paid by you there itself.
  • During your expedition the equipment being given to you by our team, or you has taken on rent from us shall be taken care by you. If any equipment got damaged if repairable the repair cost and if not then the complete equipment cost shall be taken care by you.
  • We believe before booking any expedition with us you have gone through the FAQ’s section of that expedition and you completely understood the fitness level required for that expedition. While signing up you are sure about your fitness level that meets the fitness level needed for that expedition. If during expedition our expedition leader found you not fit enough and may have to take some unsympathetic decisions to make sure you stay safe. In that case the extra expense if needs to be paid is to be taken care by you.
  • During any of the adventure activity it is your responsibility to hear the leader instructions and not to attempt any adventurous sport without proper safety gears. If you fail to do so we are not responsible for any kind of injury or accident you may meet through.